Love Me Some Pumpkin!

Pumpkin Yummies Found At McDonald’s

McDonald’s Pumpkin Pie McCafe Shake

Admission of Guilt: I’m not necessarily proud of my actions, but I will admit that I totally picked this up with my McGriddle combo for breakfast when I saw it on the menu!
Expectations: After my first MickeyD’s shake a couple of years ago amidst all of the Wedding Planning Chaos™, I honestly wasn’t expecting anything too impressive, but when I noticed the flashy, new name on the menu and pondered some of the other McChanges that Ronald’s world has seen since then, they’ve really managed to class up the joint and I thought that maybe there was a change that their shakes have improved, too.
Level of Impressed-ness: Sky High!!!
Why So???: This shake was the perfect blend of smooth and creamy, with tons of pumpkin flavoring in it without just being too ridiculously thick.  It didn’t just “leave a pumpkin aftertaste” or “vaguely kinda-sorta resemble pumpkin” … this milkshake was the embodiment of pumpkin, frankly, McDonald’s deserves major kudos for turning this one around!  I don’t know if it was ingredients, or methods of preparation, or maybe both, but believe it or not, the Pumpkin Pie McCafe Shake is the new champion to which all other ice cream-based treats shall be compared going forward.
Final Words: Good job, guys – this shake rocks.

McDonald’s Homemade Pumpkin Pie

Guest Note: As I’ve been unable to find a single McDonald’s in the south that offers these unique holiday treats, my sister Lori has graciously offered to fill-in with her pumpkin-y thoughts from the Great White North…

Aroma: Mostly just cinnamon-y.  Once broke open, it smelled like baked pumpkin appropriately.
Flavors: Cinnamon, buttery pumpkinish, and the typical bland taste of the crust.  Ice cream on it makes it better.
Compared to Other McPies: Second best out of four, in terms of McDonaldLand comparisons (#1 – Holiday, #2 – Pumpkin, #3 – Apple, #4 – Cherry)
Other McPumpkin Possibilities: I can only imagine that a Pumpkin Pie McFlurry would be amazing.

McDonald’s Pumpkin Triple Thick Shake

Time of Night Purchased: 9:26pm
Fatigue at Time of Night Purchased: VERY HIGH
Likelihood That Fatigue Made This Treat Taste Better Than It Actually Did: ALSO VERY HIGH
Pumpkin-y Thoughts: Said milkshake may or may not have actually been pumpkin-flavored, similar to the whole Shamrock Shakes Incident. Nonetheless, at 9:26pm after many a sleepless night of last-minute wedding planning, it was as acceptable of a milkshake that I was going to find in this small town – pumpkin-flavored or otherwise.
Final, Sleepy Verdict: If you fancy pumpkin and you’re eating at McDonald’s anyways, then sure – go for it, but I wouldn’t exactly make a special trip out of it….