Hmmm…: Simply put, this pound cake is not Paula Deen’s best work. Maybe this, or even this, but not the cake you see above.

Just a Random Cake: I’ve seen these on occasion with the other half a dozen random “cakes” in the bakery aisle at Walmart and usually end up passing because Walmart’s bakery stuff typically isn’t very good and by then I usually have a full cart worth of pumpkin stuff to try out anyways. But selection is getting a little tight as we pass the halfway point for Pumpkin Season 2012, so I decided to drop the $5.97 and give this one a try.

Verdict: It was ok, but that’s about it – definitely leaning more in the direction of spice cake than actual pumpkin cake, which was actually kind of surprising because she had done pretty well with some of the other stuff I’ve tried under her name in the past. Baked goods are hard, though, especially when they’re mass-produced like this, so I guess we really shouldn’t be too surprised. Ultimately I’m sure I’ll still end up eating the rest of it because, hey, a guy’s gotta eat and screw eating “healthy,” but from a pumpkin perspective, I wasn’t too impressed.