A Toast!: I guess you could say that this pumpkin ale was actually my beverage of choice for ringing in the new year, a last-minute offering by my brother-in-law, who had actually set some aside long ago in anticipation for our Christmastime visit! It really is the little things, isn’t it?

A Non-Beer-Drinkers Beer Review: Surprisingly even to myself, I actually kind of liked this beer! As my brother-in-law noted, Blue Moon is a bit more smooth than other ales, which I appreciated because it allowed me to actually get through the entire glass without feeling like I was just choking it down in obligation! :) The harvest spices were intriguing also, in that they seemed a bit more pronounced than in other alcoholic beverages that I’d sampled in the past.

The Verdict:¬†And so while it still wasn’t enough to convert me into an actual beer drinker, not only did I appreciate the effort but this also officially¬†becomes the very first pumpkin beer that I’d actually recommend here on this meager, little pumpkin pursuit of mine – bottoms up! 8)

P.S.: Happy New Year!!!