Looking Back: I guess I’ve really only done one review for pumpkin yogurt, and that was for Target’s store brand – Archer Farms – which didn’t end up being very good, but I often times put a little more faith in the national brands when I see them weighing into this territory because on average they tend to boast a better quality than their generic counterparts, and this is one example that rings very true in that regard.

It’s What’s for Breakfast!: Well, not really in my home because I’m not much of a yogurt fan, although it looks like for at least the next three days I will be to use the rest up, but I still enjoyed the flavor a lot more than I have with other yogurts, both pumpkin and non. This one is sweet, but not overwhelmingly cinnamon like a lot of the items I seem to be reviewing so far this year, and although it doesn’t completely, I think the pumpkin makes a decent effort of neutralizing that tart flavor that I don’t particularly care for with yogurts in general.

Also…: Only 2 Weight Watchers Points, if you’re the kind of person who that might be important to! :)