Claim: Pretty much the best pumpkin bread that I’ve had to date.
Cause: The pumpkin flavor is both full and vivid, the consistency quite moist, to the point where it falls apart in pieces as you pick it up.  Perfect!
Cost: Frankly, unknown because my in-laws actually bought this loaf and then promptly forgot about it when it came time to leave, but it’s gotta be somewhere between five and ten bucks, I would assume.
Side Note: Although I’m not finding it in their online menu now, I remember hearing rumors last year that Bob Evans also offered some sort of fancy french toast with their pumpkin bread that I just never got around to trying.  That said, after having greatly enjoyed the bread this year, I think it would be worthwhile to pop in for breakfast sometime during the next month to see if the rumor holds true … and if nothing else, they’ve still got plenty of other yummy offerings to make the trip an enjoyable one, pumpkin or no pumpkin!